Award Nominations

PAMFES has been presenting awards for exceptional professional conduct and dedication to the Association. The annual Sanitarians Award was first presented in 1956, the Dairy Laboratory Award in 1987 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1979.

Every year at the annual conference, the PAMFES members nominate and present 3 awards in the categories below.

  1. Member has been active in PAMFES or a PAMFES affiliate organization

  2. Member is active in community service

  3. Member is active in other professional organizations

  4. Member excels in their field by actively pursuing career development opportunities

  5. Member has made a significant contribution to the Dairy industry.

The nomination deadline for the upcoming 2020 conference is Friday, March 13th, 2020. 

Dairy Lab Award

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Distinguished Service Award

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Sanitarian Award

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